MEIKO’s new generation of professional warewashing range makes sparkling debut in the Asian market

The Asian Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is a fast changing and evolving one. Small and start-up businesses are popping up everywhere and these market segments demand professional kitchen equipment to cater to them.

As the leading professional warewashing expert, MEIKO has just introduced its latest range known as UPster, a brand designed to meet the entry level F&B business segment especially in the Asian continent.

“People really aspire to own that ‘quality made by Meiko’,” says MEIKO CEO Dr Ing. Stefan Scheringer. “Now we can offer them our UPster range of machines which incorporates 88 years of innovative leadership, top-notch technology, and our global experience in the F&B industry.”

According to him, MEIKO UPster range is perfect for the Asian F&B segment thanks to its well-designed range of undercounter, pass through and rack type dishwashing machines. “These latest dishwashing machines are suitable for F&B businesses of all sizes, from the big operations to the smallest kitchens. MEIKO UPster is the ideal solution for small cafés and food trucks, both which are highly popular in Asia.”

op reasons why the UPster range is well-suited to the Asian market:


Undeniable German engineering technology for warewashing, making MEIKO the leading brand in the professional F&B industry.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Sleek and high-quality design with double-walled thermal insulation to keep heat in and minimise energy usage makes UPster eco-friendly. The UPster range does not need an exhaust air connection, thus improving the quality of indoor air and boosting energy efficiency.

Time Saving

Designed with a Bluetooth interface, UPster dishwashing machines are easy to set up upon delivery and will be ready for use right away. Also the UPster range does not require an exhaust air connection so there’s no need for an air extraction system onsite.

Cost & Labour Saving

An UPster dishwashing machine is suitable for Asia’s small F&B businesses as it is reliable, works efficiently and effectively and reduces the need for manpower.


The MEIKO UPster range is designed with affordability in mind – a plus factor for small businesses, especially F&B start-ups and industry specialists keen to try new things.

Modular & User-Friendly

The UPster range of machines come in a modular format which makes them quick to produce and ready to be delivered to customers. Different choice of lengths ensure the needs of different sized businesses are taken care of. It comes with touch display and digital readouts, making it user-friendly for operation.

You can’t go wrong with MEIKO UPster – it’s the intelligent dishwashing technology with premium quality that gets the job done without breaking the bank.

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