A Training Centre of Excellence, Beyond Culinary Sdn Bhd is a recognized training organization (RTO) by Human Resource Development Agency and Ministry of Health. Our professional courses are 100% claimable from Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). We also run internal and external Food Handling course required by Ministry of Health.

Beyond Culinary’s concept, expertise and interaction driven approach training and strategic marketing programs are based on their mantra – Explore, Experience & Educational, and is well sough after by companies for developing and implementing unique and engaging programs, activities and events.

Our professional courses and workshops are focusing on educational, skill and technique sharing, networking with lots of fun. They range from cheese-making to sous-vide and whole selection of culinary and butchery mastery skill, cooking techniques, cuisines and product knowledge courses. It’s particularly for participants to enhance and improve their professional status, skills, knowledge, ideas and assist in shaping their competence, confidence and leadership. It is also for whose who are typically critical of practical commercial and domestic application.


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